Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wednesday Joke Day

I was told this *gem* of a joke a few months back and every time I think of it I still chuckle.
I am not promising perfection, but it is a head scratcher.

Oh, I better preface this joke with a disclaimer...I was told this joke by a 5 year old. If I didnt tell you that I think that you'd have me committed, or at least barred from telling anymore jokes. At least it is kid friendly.

What has spots and likes to do the laundry?

can you think of anything??

My Aunt Cindy with chicken pox?

A Cheetah.

yes, my readers. A cheetah. This is the beauty that this wonderful 5 year old mind concocted that day.
The bitch of it is that I busted up laughing when he told me. I completely lost it. He was so worked up to tell the joke and it caught me off guard.
Seriously, I mean, who knew that cheetah's like to do laundry?
I never would have guessed a cheetah in a million guesses.

Whats your, amazingly hilarious joke?


Brittany said...

What do you call a pig who loves karate?

Pork chop!


Emily said...

I was told a similarly lame joke by a 5 year old once, but I still ended up laughing.

A pig walked into his house and he farted.

Yup. That's it. I swear it's funnier coming from a little kid's mouth.