Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday fun list

You know you are an adult when...

  • t shirts with holes are no longer acceptable to wear in public
  • your pajama pants are not your weekday wardrobe staple anymore.  I personally make up for this by wearing them all weekend...reminds me that getting dressed is overrated.
  • you start to agree with your mother ::shudder::
  • you do the dishes voluntarily just to make the house look nice
  • you openly and unconsciously spout phrases like "a clean house is a happy house" and in response to the infamous "why" question that children like oh, so much "because I said so, that's why" and my favorite lately "you know better than that!"
  • you no longer bring up stories that start with "I was so drunk on Friday night" and currently question your friends about brands of diapers, formula and pottytraining tricks and tactics
  • your shopping list is no longer cereal, chips, pop tarts and beer
  • you enjoy going to work
  • you keep track of your IRA/401k/503c/OPERS account and dream of another 28 years
  • a lunch date with your girlfriends for delicious, delicious sushi is the highlight of your week
  • eating a small french fry from McDonalds makes your ass jiggle for a week
  • when you realize that fast food is making you FAT and you have to stop
  • having sex is your cardio activity
  • buying new household items like rugs and pots and pans delight you in the way that a freshly tapped keg or Mr. Spots delivering natty light and thebestfucking waffle fries to your door at 1:30 am on a Saturday
  • dinner out is less Subway and more Trotter's Tavern
  • you get delighted by a healthy salad for dinner
  • you long to be a child again and have the summers off of life
  • you realize that being an adult isnt candy and rainbows as you thought it was when you were 6

Monday, March 16, 2009

nameless and dull

Work, work, work, work and more work.
This is the current meaning of life.

Sure.  Work has been generous and has allowed us to have the hours between 10 pm and 7am off.  Sleep is suggested.

Over the next few weeks my groups, both near and far, have events up the wazoo planned.  Lucky for me, I get to attend them all.  Naturally, this is in addition to my normal weekly meetings and to-do's.  

I have a bowling event, country club night, a CE program, a speaker from some hoity-toity U, an arts night and a golf outing.  This is only the in town crap.  But I am going to shut my yap right there before someone else decides to schedule an event.

So I am waiting for summer to hit, for the groups to become uninterested in the U until fall is delivered and Homecoming is on the horizon.

Oh, I loathe thee.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

PUSH this one away. Far, far away.

Last weekend we enjoyed a ho-hum dinner out at Applebee's and a crummy movie that I wouldn't advise anyone seeing unless you like somewhat boring, plot less movies.  
We thought the movie might be decent enough to enjoy, we are Heroes and X-Men fans.  We enjoy some super powered mutants as much as the next guy.  But not in that movie.  Sucksville be thy name.

Otherwise it was enjoyable to get out of the house.  
It may have just been easier and possibly enjoyable to flush $40 down the toilet and have our friends over to the house to watch the crisp green bills mix with the blue water and disappear.
In reality we don't always have cash around so it is more realistic that we would have about $12 worth of pennies to flush.  And I don't think that pennies flush very well.  And now that I think of it we don't have a plunger.  So we would have had quite an issue with this one.

Note to self: Buy a plunger.  Just in case, ya know?

And I am totally not an Applebee's fan but someone (RB) was being a good Catholic boy and not eating meat on Friday.  Oh, except for the piece of double wide bacon you had at work on Friday morning.  And by the way, God totally saw that one.
The only redeeming quality about dinner was the company and the Sam Adams White Ale on tap. 

And cabin fever is still eating a hole in my brain.  I am becomming dumber by the day.  

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

lions and lambs

Is it freakin spring yet?  This weather here is driving me crazy.

On the weekends my favorite thing to do is take an early morning walk with the munchkins and enjoy the start to the day.  Now the only time we get out of the house is if we have errands to run, which isnt always the most fun treck with little matter their age.

Cabin fever has set in to the extreme.  We even considered bundeling up and venturing to the swing set last weekend just to get outside for even 10 minutes.  But it prooved to be too cold when the wind chill was said to be near 7 degrees.  And a simple walk to the mailbox to collect the Sunday paper was the highlight of our day.

Spring.  I am a typical spring hater.  Not because of the warmer weather, flowering trees or outdoor activities...but because of the rain, the mud, and it always means that 90 degree summer weather is just around the corner.
But this year I have a renewed love of the coming of spring.

Either way I am overjoyed this year.  Hopefully by the time the Ides of March rolls around the weather will have taken a turn for the better here in the OH.