Wednesday, March 11, 2009

PUSH this one away. Far, far away.

Last weekend we enjoyed a ho-hum dinner out at Applebee's and a crummy movie that I wouldn't advise anyone seeing unless you like somewhat boring, plot less movies.  
We thought the movie might be decent enough to enjoy, we are Heroes and X-Men fans.  We enjoy some super powered mutants as much as the next guy.  But not in that movie.  Sucksville be thy name.

Otherwise it was enjoyable to get out of the house.  
It may have just been easier and possibly enjoyable to flush $40 down the toilet and have our friends over to the house to watch the crisp green bills mix with the blue water and disappear.
In reality we don't always have cash around so it is more realistic that we would have about $12 worth of pennies to flush.  And I don't think that pennies flush very well.  And now that I think of it we don't have a plunger.  So we would have had quite an issue with this one.

Note to self: Buy a plunger.  Just in case, ya know?

And I am totally not an Applebee's fan but someone (RB) was being a good Catholic boy and not eating meat on Friday.  Oh, except for the piece of double wide bacon you had at work on Friday morning.  And by the way, God totally saw that one.
The only redeeming quality about dinner was the company and the Sam Adams White Ale on tap. 

And cabin fever is still eating a hole in my brain.  I am becomming dumber by the day.  

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Ashley said...

LOL I love your posts! Keep them coming!