Thursday, June 18, 2009


Today is my last day of work until July. Yes...JULY!!!

The next week and a half will be glorious non work filled days.

I don't have to care what time the event starts or how many people have signed up
I don't have to answer stupid email questions from weird alumni
I don't have to design postcards myself because marcom is too slow
I don't have to cringe each time my office phone rings...knowing it is someone who wants me to do (shudder) work
I dont have to think about alumni awards, homecoming, power point and staff meetings

Best of all I dont have to get the herd up early
I dont have to get them dressed and fed
I dont have to prepare meals the entire time!!!
I dont have to grocery shop at all.......okay in all honesty---this one does vex me in a way...I hope I dont miss out on any great deals while I am out of state. Yes, I am a freak

The only flaw is also a bonus...we have decided to road trip it to Naples.
We are driving.
19+ hours of driving.
I have already made the trek to Florida in my car. Twice.
And each time I swore I would never do it again. I think the trick is to have at least 5 years in between drives.
Spring break senior year - 1999 - drove to Ft. Myers Beach
Hated the drive.
Vacation, September - 2004 - drove to Tarpon Springs
Hated it less, but none the less, hated it.
And 5 years later I choose to do it again.


I hope to come home in July and be tanned, full of amazing food and without the semi-permanent kink in my right shoulder from being on the computer too much at work.
Life will be good.

Happy June!

Monday, June 15, 2009

weekend top 4

1. It has been over 48 hours since I have had to clean upchuck from the cat - I find it safe to say she is over whatever illness she posessed for the better part of the week.
Thankfuckingoodness and lets hope we dont have to go through that again.

I dont mind cleaning up the occasional hairball...but when it happens every hour for 5 days - not so much.

2. Only 1 more week until Jeff and I are on our way to Naples, Fl. I dont care if we sit on our lazy bums and watch the waves roll in from the ocean everyday...I am prepared to relax.
After checking the weather for Naples I am noticing a trend... 20% chance of showers, high of 89. And even if it does rain I am sure Jeff and I can think of an indoor activity or four t
o take part fact now I hope it DOES rain.

3. This is another FREE cereal week at the Kroger in Perrysburg. Select Kellogg's cereals are on sale for 2/$4. I have quite a number of $1/1 coupons making them all free. You may be thinking I am fairly nuts since I just 'purchased' 24 boxes of free cereal.
You would be correct, I am nuts...but I am not stupid. Free is free. And cereal is good.

I am also set up to receive free bbq sauce, canned fruit and some spices/seasonings.

4. Jeff scored this beauty of a cell phone on Saturday...the Palm Pre.

It is just gorgeous and I am under the assumption that I, too, will fall in love with it and have to purchase one after Naples...bummer, right?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Holy Bender Bending Rodríguez!

Same puke, different day.

Mena, cat number 1, is still considering herself entered into the upchuck Olympics.
And winning.

If it is possible to win...with puke.

It hit me yesterday that we had a Bissell Spotlifter and it has made cleaning the carpets a breeze.

"Good News Everyone," I just received some of the best news in my email in box that I have ever heard.


Futurama...only the best cartoon/comedy about the year being brought back from the dead a'la Family Guy.
Viewership of this show has been astounding since it went off the air and now Comedy Central will show 26 NEW episodes of this epic (yeah, its epic) show.

This really just makes my day and it would make my month if this wasn't the month that Jeff and I jetted off for Naples, Fl. Naples tops June.

I am giddier than a school girl with her first crush's hand up her shirt.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

which level of sick are we talking about?

June already, huh?

Yeah. I guess time flies when you are...sitting at home finally getting caught up on your DVR viewing from the spring season of tv (never would have guessed that George got hit by that bus on Grey's) while eating smores you made in your microwave (which are almost as good as the real thing IMO) and cutting coupons to file in your ridiculously huge new coupon binder which I am in love with.

It totally flies.

Not much going on here.
Unless you count dropping more money than you spend each month on gas for your SUV at the veterinarian's office something. I guess I would.
My eldest cat is sicky.
Not old and dying cat sicky.
Just the cat cannot stop puking up stomach acid and dry heaving and cannot smell food without puking sicky.
Which is horrible when you think about it.

Cats dont have the know-how to go into the bathroom to do their nasty business.
And I love my fiesty cat til the ends of the earth but she could do me a solid and pick 1 location to puke instead of moving every 3.8 seconds to puke in a new spot. This would seriously cut down on my cleaning time.
And at 4am this would make this cat-mama happier than ever.

I guess its the little things in life that make you happy each day.

Saving money.
Pizza with baon and pineapple.
Not cleaning cat puke off the carpet.

Happy, happy, happy.