Tuesday, June 9, 2009

which level of sick are we talking about?

June already, huh?

Yeah. I guess time flies when you are...sitting at home finally getting caught up on your DVR viewing from the spring season of tv (never would have guessed that George got hit by that bus on Grey's) while eating smores you made in your microwave (which are almost as good as the real thing IMO) and cutting coupons to file in your ridiculously huge new coupon binder which I am in love with.

It totally flies.

Not much going on here.
Unless you count dropping more money than you spend each month on gas for your SUV at the veterinarian's office something. I guess I would.
My eldest cat is sicky.
Not old and dying cat sicky.
Just the cat cannot stop puking up stomach acid and dry heaving and cannot smell food without puking sicky.
Which is horrible when you think about it.

Cats dont have the know-how to go into the bathroom to do their nasty business.
And I love my fiesty cat til the ends of the earth but she could do me a solid and pick 1 location to puke instead of moving every 3.8 seconds to puke in a new spot. This would seriously cut down on my cleaning time.
And at 4am this would make this cat-mama happier than ever.

I guess its the little things in life that make you happy each day.

Saving money.
Pizza with baon and pineapple.
Not cleaning cat puke off the carpet.

Happy, happy, happy.

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Ashley said...

Hahaha, funny post! I hope your cat is feeling better soon!!! And I feel your pain; on our list we would have "not cleaning dog pee/poop off the carpet."