Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pop Star

This is what Carah is going to be for halloween this year.

Yes, it may be a Hannah Montana costume, but she insists she isnt going as Hannah, she is a Pop Star.
And lucky for all...the glittery microphone vomits silver glitter everywhere it goes leaving a trail to this little Pop Star.

I went as a lion when I was 4. Come to think of it my brother and I had matching lion costumes and we wore them for 2 or 3 years in a row. Hey, they fit still and money didnt grow on trees then either!
And everything thought we were sunflowers.
No *rrrar rrrarrrr* we are lions.

(we looked like sunflowers with tails)

Thursday again

Oh, today is Thursday...I was under the impression all day yesterday that it was Thursday.
Wrong. At least I am wearing a different outfit and I dont have to repeat yesterdays work.

Ugh, I feel like I just gained an extra day this week. I already had my Thursday workday. Its a bad rendidition of Groundhog Day. Only, Bill Murray isnt here to throw snowballs at children with me. When I do it alone I only get stares of shock from other adults. And since it hasnt snowed up here yet it makes it even less sense to compare my day to Groundhog Day. Whatever. Its Thursday, still...

At least tomorrow is Halloween. The one day it is socially acceptable to scare the living shit out of other people. We have decided not to hand out candy at our house (go ahead punks, TRY and egg our house) instead we are going to go out drinking! What is better than giving candy away for free?
Getting loaded! I know that the Bud Light Lime's are calling my name and begging me to try that Pumpkin Pie shot that costs an arm and a leg...Mmmmm, beer.

Something about Halloween makes me wish I had a dog to dress in clothes. They have yet to make German Shepherd size clothing so just picture this on the kind of dog you cannot drop kick accross your front yard...Yeah. But then I would have the urge to dress my dog in this kind of stuff too...

I do happily claim to be against dog dressing. Sadly, I think that this is only because they dont make clothing big enough for my style of dogs. Until that happens I will snarkily poke fun at dogs wearing booties to go outside and do their business.

Besides my obsessive need to order magazines I love to collect bags. All shapes and sizes of bags. Cheap. Expensive. Colorful. Plain. Flashy. All bags. I have a large Rubbermaid container in the garage with the bags in it. Now, I did purge the bag bin and cleared out half of it last April. I fear that I need to do it again. There are bags in there that I have forgotten I even have. And even though i know I DO NOT need another bag I always find myself drawn to them. Like this cutie from Old Navy.

But I dont need it.
I dont need it.
I dont need it.

I want it!

But I dont need it.

This weekend is Daylight Savings Time. Set your clocks back 1 hour when we go to bed on Saturday night. So we gain an hour of sleep. Bonus for everyone.

Are you someone who forgets and shows up to church an hour early? Or do you always remember? Thankfully cell phones do it themselves and so does the cable box. Modern science at work for us.

Growing up we were the family that showed up to church at the wrong time...depending on the time change for Daylight Savings Time. Late, early...we've done it all. But the Good Lord forgives that kind of thing, right?

I doubt my future dog will forgive me when I become rich and famous for inventing doggie dress up clothes and parading him around in them. But then Ill be rich enough to pay Bill Murray to come and throw snowballs at children with me...thus making my good friend Bananas the opportunity to have her way with someone from her Fab 5.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Captain will be really Peeved

In economic times such as these, we cannot joyfully spend our money on frivolous items.

No more lavish seaside vacations.
No more spending sprees at Bloomies, Nordstrom and Neimans.
No more of my Candlelight Suppers. Which everyone always looks forward to. I bet I could have gotten the Major to attend my next one...
We'll have to only take the yacht out 5 times next year to save on gas money and paying the crew. They will be forced to take second jobs in seafood restaurants, on shrimping boats with the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company and perform themed children's birthday parties.

Alas, I will be forced to simply drool over the beauties I found today at Uncommon Goods.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

my fall wish

This time of year always makes me want to move to New York City. I have always heard that fall in NYC is splendid in more ways than one and I would love to experience everything the city has to offer.

I have visited NYC for part of a day when my sister lived in Connecticut. It was not the most joyous experience. I did get to wander (at a very fast pace so we didn't miss our reservation my sister set up) through Central Park and take in the sights of the city. It was all on my sisters schedule and she didn't give a hoot what we wanted to see. Next time I visit that will all change.

A park and city that produces images as beautiful as these is definitely a place that I want to at least visit.

New York, New York.....

Friday, October 24, 2008

2 rides and 7 miles later

The boot. Ah, the boot.

I already have a love/hate relationship with the boot.

I love that when I wear it I can walk without crutches or with only 1 crutch.
I love how much more mobile I am with it.

I hate that whenever I have to ice it at night it takes 19 minutes to unstrap the sucker. Seriously there are 6 or 7 straps. Talk about bondage.
I hate that I have to double crutch it when I dont wear the boot or hop on one foot like a deformed kangaroo.
I hate how it makes me walk like quasimodo.

What I really hate is that I have four more weeks of this.

I guess I am surprising people by how upbeat I am about the entire ordeal. I am not upset at it or embarassed by it, well, maybe I am a little embarassed since I did it to myself...but I am basically very happy that it wasnt worse than it is.

Thinking back to happier, non crippled times...Jeff and I visited Cedar Point last weekend. Cedar Point is the best location for fun in the universe. I am sure of it.
We met my absolute best friend and her family up there. It was a night that we will never forget.
We walked, we rode a ride, we walked, we stopped and talked, we walked, rode a ride, and walked and walked and walked! We decided to eat...location #1 had a 95 minute wait. Screw that, location #2 was closed. And location #3, which was a 4 mile walk to get to, 3 hour wait. Who the fuck waits 3 hours to eat at a TGI Fridays? So by the time our blood pressure returned to near normal levels we realized we could still catch our name being called at location #1!
We scurried back over to find that they upped our wait from 95 minutes to 125 minutes. Just when we were contemplating eating a small patch of our shirt sleeves they said we could be seated. Oh yeah.
Food has never tasted as good!

It was a fabulous time with my bestest and I look forward to many adventures next summer because we are getting Cedar Point season passes!
Hopefully my physical therapy works wonders after I am de-booted, I think I could potentially scare children during Hallo-weekends with my quasimodo impression.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

sexy boots and earthquakes go hand in hand

It just so happens there was a centralized earthquake on the University campus yesterday causing me to trip and fall.

Yeah, it was some earthquake.

You arent buying it. I can see the look on your face.

"Earthquakes are not centralized to one small location"

Apparently someone didnt sleep through geology and earth science in high school.

But I did still trip and fall outside of my office building yesterday. What did I trip on? Could have been a piece of lint...string...a gust of wind perhaps....

Yeah, my heel got caught in my cuffed work pants and *boom* down I went like a ton of bricks.

So after an ER visit and an orthopaedic surgeon visit it was concluded that I tore the ligaments on the top of my foot where they connect to the bone. I have, I GET to wear this beauty for the next four weeks.

Jealous much?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Im down, but not out

Tonsilitis. again.

It is crippling me. I hate it. I have aches and pains, a fever and a general sense of chards of glass taking up residence in my throat. It really is quite delightful.

I think that this marks the 5th time this year. It is also the 2nd time in 6 weeks.
I am planning to call my ENT to schedule surgery. It needs to happen in the worst way.

Think of all of the pain free days I will have after these little buggers are ripped out of my throat!

A girl can dream...

Monday, October 13, 2008

marketing strategy of the decade

Ive been too busy to think straight the past few weeks so here are some of my random thoughts for this Monday.

------For years the residents of this chunk of Ohio have heard radio and seen television commercials about Sonic.
This has baffled us as we do not have a Sonic within an hours drive of Toledo (the big city, ya'll).

After years of Sonic taunting us with their half priced drink specials in the afternoons and .99 cent mini banana splits (which of course are no longer .99 cents, bastards) they have built us our very own Sonic. And to top it off it is within 2 miles of my house.

This was either the most well-planned and thought out marketing strategy on their part to make us drool for their food and drinks for the better part of a decade or a collasal waste of marketing dollars for the Sonic nearest that thought that people in Toledo would drive an hour to the Sonic for half priced drinks. I choose #1. Ill be optimistic about it. Their food is good and their drinks divine. If only I didnt work from 2pm to 4pm daily I would get a Lime real fruit slush everyday.

We have only been there twice now but it is quickly becoming one of my favorite 'I dont feel like cooking dinner tonight' places to go. It is a bit pricey but that may be because we are still in the mode of 'its new so we have to try a BUNCH of things to see if we like them'.

Their onion rings are killer.

------I worked all day on Saturday taking alumni, friends of the U, U trustees (read: big $$$) and my bosses boss (read: best behavior on the bus while I speak into a microphone) up to the University of Toledo vs University of Michigan football game. We had a pre-game party with charred black hamburgers, funky hot dogs and no beer. It was just to die for.

It was a gorgeous fall day. The air smelled of cheap beer and hot dogs. The homeless men begged for our empty cans, drunk fans yelled obsenities and I was going into the Big House for free. Ah, who doesnt love tailgates on game day!
These people in Ann Arbor make a killing though. It is $40 for a car to park where our pre-game party was held. In Toledo we expect a dinner out and a quickie for $40. We have it so good we dont even know how good we have it.

Who ever thought that Toledo would actually win this game? Not many, Ill tell you that! They did though. Congrats to Toledo for beating the worst (sorry) Michigan team in four decades. Definitely somethign to hold onto. Um...or something like that.
Yes, mad props to Toledo for being the first MAC school to beat Michigan. That is something for the record books. But I wouldnt go around flashing that fact for all to hear because Ill remind you again...they are the worst Michigan team in four decades. Michigan, for those that live under a rock in the amazon, are the winningest team in college football. They are Gods among men. They are the wolverines.

------Obama is in town today so this puts Toledo in the national news again. Ohio becomes the center of the political world every 4 years. Who doesnt love a swing state??

------We bought pumpkins yesterday and I realized that Christmas decorations are already out in stores. It is October...someone alert the media. October is apparently the time we have to start thinking Christmas. Wow.

------Either way I think that I am going to go to Sonic tomorrow and get another slush. Then shop for some Christmas lights for the front of the house. Its never too early I guess.

Friday, October 10, 2008

It's a G thing

Last night was the flag raising at Joe Louis Arena. The Detroit Red Wings were the 2007-2008 Stanley Cup Champs.
This is quite symbolic I was told and it is also quite the event in Hockey Town.

So while I let my love watch the official start to the Red Wings' schedule for 2008 I did a few me things around the house.

I applied for a couple of jobs, picked up a bit and then settled next to him on the couch with a stack of magazines. You'll remember my obsession to subscribing to magazines. I do read them all and I love to get them but last night was the stack of magazines I typically save until last to read. They are the fitness magazines. Womens Health, SELF, Shape, Fitness. Don't get me wrong. They are fantastic magazines. But seeing as I really dont work out or eat my best, these magazines are kind of lost on me at the moment. But I still read them and act as if I am going to do the 100 squats needed daily to keep my ass from falling to my ankles. 'Ooh, look honey. 17 ways to eat healthier.' It is all lost on me currently. It didnt help that we had just ate a mountain of greasy food from Sonic.

I found a rogue Marie Claire in the pile and lunged for that first, anything to keep me from reminding myself that my body fat % is well above normal. And even this magazine wasnt doing it for me until.............I found two perfume 'sample' pages for Harajuku Lovers perfumes 'G' and 'Baby'. I think that 'Baby' smells like feet and ass personally, but to each their own. But I found a new love in 'G'.

As much as you can love a scent rubbed from the pages of a magazine onto your wrist, this is how much I love 'G'. The main reason for my love is the coconut scent that lingers. It is heavenly.

I rubbed all the scent I could find from that page and then proceeded to smell my wrist all evening. Every 60 seconds I would invite my love to 'smell my wrist', 'smell my wrist', 'smell my wrist'. It finally came to the point where I asked him in bed and he said 'I already know what it smells like!' I think he had enough of the smelling. But I have since decided that I need to go out and purchase 'G'.

Oh and the Red Wings lost...which is rough because J told me that the Wings needed to make a strong start to the season. Only 82 more games to make it up now. Good luck Red Wings.
I wonder what time Sephora opens to I can go shopping...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

when did that happen?

So I guess I have been out of it.

DSW has opened at our lovely mall and I didnt even know it!
Yes, I knew they were building it and nearing completion...but its open!

I perused the store on my lunch break today and I am happy about the store but not estatic. Good selection but not amazing.

Either way it deserves repeat visits as shoes make the world go round.
Happy shoe shopping!

alive and well

It'll tell you how busy I have been lately to say that I forgot completely about the blogging world. That I had one, that I liked to read them, and that I have been completely too busy to even think about getting on the internet.

Last weekend was Homecoming at the U and might I say that it was not all they hyped it up to me to be. Yes, they were long and busy days but there was not the general sense of drunken college days revisited chaos I was warned of.
I did get to drive a golf cart around for the better part of a day. So that was enough to make it all worth it.

After working 60+ hours the last three to four weeks of my life I am looking forward to a little family time. My family has been horribly neglected over the month of September and I have some quality time to put in.

I am back. Back in many ways and I am pledging to you all to begin posting hilarity on a regular basis.
If nothing else, the busiest of days teach you to really appreciate the days you get to leave work on time.