Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday again

Oh, today is Thursday...I was under the impression all day yesterday that it was Thursday.
Wrong. At least I am wearing a different outfit and I dont have to repeat yesterdays work.

Ugh, I feel like I just gained an extra day this week. I already had my Thursday workday. Its a bad rendidition of Groundhog Day. Only, Bill Murray isnt here to throw snowballs at children with me. When I do it alone I only get stares of shock from other adults. And since it hasnt snowed up here yet it makes it even less sense to compare my day to Groundhog Day. Whatever. Its Thursday, still...

At least tomorrow is Halloween. The one day it is socially acceptable to scare the living shit out of other people. We have decided not to hand out candy at our house (go ahead punks, TRY and egg our house) instead we are going to go out drinking! What is better than giving candy away for free?
Getting loaded! I know that the Bud Light Lime's are calling my name and begging me to try that Pumpkin Pie shot that costs an arm and a leg...Mmmmm, beer.

Something about Halloween makes me wish I had a dog to dress in clothes. They have yet to make German Shepherd size clothing so just picture this on the kind of dog you cannot drop kick accross your front yard...Yeah. But then I would have the urge to dress my dog in this kind of stuff too...

I do happily claim to be against dog dressing. Sadly, I think that this is only because they dont make clothing big enough for my style of dogs. Until that happens I will snarkily poke fun at dogs wearing booties to go outside and do their business.

Besides my obsessive need to order magazines I love to collect bags. All shapes and sizes of bags. Cheap. Expensive. Colorful. Plain. Flashy. All bags. I have a large Rubbermaid container in the garage with the bags in it. Now, I did purge the bag bin and cleared out half of it last April. I fear that I need to do it again. There are bags in there that I have forgotten I even have. And even though i know I DO NOT need another bag I always find myself drawn to them. Like this cutie from Old Navy.

But I dont need it.
I dont need it.
I dont need it.

I want it!

But I dont need it.

This weekend is Daylight Savings Time. Set your clocks back 1 hour when we go to bed on Saturday night. So we gain an hour of sleep. Bonus for everyone.

Are you someone who forgets and shows up to church an hour early? Or do you always remember? Thankfully cell phones do it themselves and so does the cable box. Modern science at work for us.

Growing up we were the family that showed up to church at the wrong time...depending on the time change for Daylight Savings Time. Late, early...we've done it all. But the Good Lord forgives that kind of thing, right?

I doubt my future dog will forgive me when I become rich and famous for inventing doggie dress up clothes and parading him around in them. But then Ill be rich enough to pay Bill Murray to come and throw snowballs at children with me...thus making my good friend Bananas the opportunity to have her way with someone from her Fab 5.

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