Friday, October 10, 2008

It's a G thing

Last night was the flag raising at Joe Louis Arena. The Detroit Red Wings were the 2007-2008 Stanley Cup Champs.
This is quite symbolic I was told and it is also quite the event in Hockey Town.

So while I let my love watch the official start to the Red Wings' schedule for 2008 I did a few me things around the house.

I applied for a couple of jobs, picked up a bit and then settled next to him on the couch with a stack of magazines. You'll remember my obsession to subscribing to magazines. I do read them all and I love to get them but last night was the stack of magazines I typically save until last to read. They are the fitness magazines. Womens Health, SELF, Shape, Fitness. Don't get me wrong. They are fantastic magazines. But seeing as I really dont work out or eat my best, these magazines are kind of lost on me at the moment. But I still read them and act as if I am going to do the 100 squats needed daily to keep my ass from falling to my ankles. 'Ooh, look honey. 17 ways to eat healthier.' It is all lost on me currently. It didnt help that we had just ate a mountain of greasy food from Sonic.

I found a rogue Marie Claire in the pile and lunged for that first, anything to keep me from reminding myself that my body fat % is well above normal. And even this magazine wasnt doing it for me until.............I found two perfume 'sample' pages for Harajuku Lovers perfumes 'G' and 'Baby'. I think that 'Baby' smells like feet and ass personally, but to each their own. But I found a new love in 'G'.

As much as you can love a scent rubbed from the pages of a magazine onto your wrist, this is how much I love 'G'. The main reason for my love is the coconut scent that lingers. It is heavenly.

I rubbed all the scent I could find from that page and then proceeded to smell my wrist all evening. Every 60 seconds I would invite my love to 'smell my wrist', 'smell my wrist', 'smell my wrist'. It finally came to the point where I asked him in bed and he said 'I already know what it smells like!' I think he had enough of the smelling. But I have since decided that I need to go out and purchase 'G'.

Oh and the Red Wings lost...which is rough because J told me that the Wings needed to make a strong start to the season. Only 82 more games to make it up now. Good luck Red Wings.
I wonder what time Sephora opens to I can go shopping...

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