Wednesday, October 8, 2008

alive and well

It'll tell you how busy I have been lately to say that I forgot completely about the blogging world. That I had one, that I liked to read them, and that I have been completely too busy to even think about getting on the internet.

Last weekend was Homecoming at the U and might I say that it was not all they hyped it up to me to be. Yes, they were long and busy days but there was not the general sense of drunken college days revisited chaos I was warned of.
I did get to drive a golf cart around for the better part of a day. So that was enough to make it all worth it.

After working 60+ hours the last three to four weeks of my life I am looking forward to a little family time. My family has been horribly neglected over the month of September and I have some quality time to put in.

I am back. Back in many ways and I am pledging to you all to begin posting hilarity on a regular basis.
If nothing else, the busiest of days teach you to really appreciate the days you get to leave work on time.

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