Monday, October 13, 2008

marketing strategy of the decade

Ive been too busy to think straight the past few weeks so here are some of my random thoughts for this Monday.

------For years the residents of this chunk of Ohio have heard radio and seen television commercials about Sonic.
This has baffled us as we do not have a Sonic within an hours drive of Toledo (the big city, ya'll).

After years of Sonic taunting us with their half priced drink specials in the afternoons and .99 cent mini banana splits (which of course are no longer .99 cents, bastards) they have built us our very own Sonic. And to top it off it is within 2 miles of my house.

This was either the most well-planned and thought out marketing strategy on their part to make us drool for their food and drinks for the better part of a decade or a collasal waste of marketing dollars for the Sonic nearest that thought that people in Toledo would drive an hour to the Sonic for half priced drinks. I choose #1. Ill be optimistic about it. Their food is good and their drinks divine. If only I didnt work from 2pm to 4pm daily I would get a Lime real fruit slush everyday.

We have only been there twice now but it is quickly becoming one of my favorite 'I dont feel like cooking dinner tonight' places to go. It is a bit pricey but that may be because we are still in the mode of 'its new so we have to try a BUNCH of things to see if we like them'.

Their onion rings are killer.

------I worked all day on Saturday taking alumni, friends of the U, U trustees (read: big $$$) and my bosses boss (read: best behavior on the bus while I speak into a microphone) up to the University of Toledo vs University of Michigan football game. We had a pre-game party with charred black hamburgers, funky hot dogs and no beer. It was just to die for.

It was a gorgeous fall day. The air smelled of cheap beer and hot dogs. The homeless men begged for our empty cans, drunk fans yelled obsenities and I was going into the Big House for free. Ah, who doesnt love tailgates on game day!
These people in Ann Arbor make a killing though. It is $40 for a car to park where our pre-game party was held. In Toledo we expect a dinner out and a quickie for $40. We have it so good we dont even know how good we have it.

Who ever thought that Toledo would actually win this game? Not many, Ill tell you that! They did though. Congrats to Toledo for beating the worst (sorry) Michigan team in four decades. Definitely somethign to hold onto. Um...or something like that.
Yes, mad props to Toledo for being the first MAC school to beat Michigan. That is something for the record books. But I wouldnt go around flashing that fact for all to hear because Ill remind you again...they are the worst Michigan team in four decades. Michigan, for those that live under a rock in the amazon, are the winningest team in college football. They are Gods among men. They are the wolverines.

------Obama is in town today so this puts Toledo in the national news again. Ohio becomes the center of the political world every 4 years. Who doesnt love a swing state??

------We bought pumpkins yesterday and I realized that Christmas decorations are already out in stores. It is October...someone alert the media. October is apparently the time we have to start thinking Christmas. Wow.

------Either way I think that I am going to go to Sonic tomorrow and get another slush. Then shop for some Christmas lights for the front of the house. Its never too early I guess.

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