Friday, October 24, 2008

2 rides and 7 miles later

The boot. Ah, the boot.

I already have a love/hate relationship with the boot.

I love that when I wear it I can walk without crutches or with only 1 crutch.
I love how much more mobile I am with it.

I hate that whenever I have to ice it at night it takes 19 minutes to unstrap the sucker. Seriously there are 6 or 7 straps. Talk about bondage.
I hate that I have to double crutch it when I dont wear the boot or hop on one foot like a deformed kangaroo.
I hate how it makes me walk like quasimodo.

What I really hate is that I have four more weeks of this.

I guess I am surprising people by how upbeat I am about the entire ordeal. I am not upset at it or embarassed by it, well, maybe I am a little embarassed since I did it to myself...but I am basically very happy that it wasnt worse than it is.

Thinking back to happier, non crippled times...Jeff and I visited Cedar Point last weekend. Cedar Point is the best location for fun in the universe. I am sure of it.
We met my absolute best friend and her family up there. It was a night that we will never forget.
We walked, we rode a ride, we walked, we stopped and talked, we walked, rode a ride, and walked and walked and walked! We decided to eat...location #1 had a 95 minute wait. Screw that, location #2 was closed. And location #3, which was a 4 mile walk to get to, 3 hour wait. Who the fuck waits 3 hours to eat at a TGI Fridays? So by the time our blood pressure returned to near normal levels we realized we could still catch our name being called at location #1!
We scurried back over to find that they upped our wait from 95 minutes to 125 minutes. Just when we were contemplating eating a small patch of our shirt sleeves they said we could be seated. Oh yeah.
Food has never tasted as good!

It was a fabulous time with my bestest and I look forward to many adventures next summer because we are getting Cedar Point season passes!
Hopefully my physical therapy works wonders after I am de-booted, I think I could potentially scare children during Hallo-weekends with my quasimodo impression.

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