Monday, March 16, 2009

nameless and dull

Work, work, work, work and more work.
This is the current meaning of life.

Sure.  Work has been generous and has allowed us to have the hours between 10 pm and 7am off.  Sleep is suggested.

Over the next few weeks my groups, both near and far, have events up the wazoo planned.  Lucky for me, I get to attend them all.  Naturally, this is in addition to my normal weekly meetings and to-do's.  

I have a bowling event, country club night, a CE program, a speaker from some hoity-toity U, an arts night and a golf outing.  This is only the in town crap.  But I am going to shut my yap right there before someone else decides to schedule an event.

So I am waiting for summer to hit, for the groups to become uninterested in the U until fall is delivered and Homecoming is on the horizon.

Oh, I loathe thee.

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