Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ode to my new BFF

I have a new Olympic favorite. We are new best friends, she just doesnt really know it yet. It could be because we have never and will probably never meet. But either way, we are BFF's until the end.

Shawn Johnson.

She is only 4'8'' but she has the most amazingly muscular body! She is fabulous on the balance beam...I cannot even begin to describe the precise moves she completes and the way in which she carries herself.

I will say that hers is what my body used to resemble (Hey, I can dream!) when I played soccer like it was my job. I am beyond envous of her strength. And she is such a cutie with a great attitude. I am rooting for Shawn to win a medal in the woman's individual all-around!


Allison said...

Her beam routine on the very first night was ridiculous. She didn't even make a bobble. And, as Bela K. pointed out, she got screwed on her score!!

Brittany said...

I miss my soccer legs!!!!!!!

And I think you two are only bff because you are the same height...teehee:)

Emily said...

A friend of mine from law school lives in West Des Moines...maybe she can hook you two up.