Monday, February 23, 2009

we've dropped the deuce

Well, not in the way of the bathroom.

Jeff and I hit our two year anniversary today.  
Technically this is our two year sex-iversary but that is private information so sssshhhhhhh don't tell my grandparents.  And since its a sex-iversary we celebrated last night by having noisy 'the kids aren't here' sex right in the family room.  It was stellar.

Ah, yes two glorious years ago we took the plunge and decided to be together.  Best sick day I ever took.
Then it got awkward when his mom found a condom in his laundry basket then I made it even more awkward when I was drunk one night at the bar and brought this up to his mom.  Yeah.  What else would happen when you are drinking with your boyfriend and his mom?  
Sure, bring up sex with her son and condoms.  

Seems natural.

Either way, she still likes me and thinks I am a semi-normal person on typical days.

Yeah, we still do the nasty.  We even bump uglies from time to time.  I just try to not talk to his mom about it anymore, especially when I am drunk. 

But on this, our two year sex-iversary, I would like to say that I love you.  Even when you snore.   And especially when you take care of me.  
Oh yeah.  That was in italics.

Thank you to my personal giant for a fabulous two years with many more to come.

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Ashley said...

He really is your giant . . . and in the green shirt you could even call him your Jolly Green Giant! LOL I just crack myself up sometimes! I can't believe it's been 2 years! And the condom story is classic!