Tuesday, December 29, 2009

beating holiday weight gain is SO much easier when you have the flu to help you along the way

To celebrate getting over the flu last week and puking out most of my non-essential organs for 11 hours I had McDonald's twice in three days.

Besides getting over the kind of hangover where you want to punch baby river otters in the face because it may help you feel better, McDonald's is great when you need to load up on calories.

And for dinner when you don't feel like cooking.
And for late night french fry runs.
And for Shamrock Shakes.

We felt that after surviving my family in Florida for 5 days in extreme proximity to each other we deserved a treat. The kind of treat that causes heart attacks.

Spending Christmas in Florida with the family I never see during the winter was great. We had great food, quality time and I gave everyone a weak version of my flu!
Nothing like spreading the holiday cheer to remind us all why the Ohio relatives (me) should stay there.

While the snow was blowing and gusting in Ohio we were on the boat, frolicking on a sandbar in the Gulf, wearing shorts at Busch Gardens and seeing Avatar.

Totally worth it.

I mean Avatar was totally worth it.
Seriously, its a bad ass movie.
Go see it.

There is nothing like a blue alien species with hair that can communicate with their planet to make you realize how much you love your family.

So now I spend the week at work...bored and mostly without essential work to complete all so I can save up my vacation time in order to go to my only favorite girl cousins wedding in August in Telluride.
I think she promised we would see celebrities and be chauffeured by limos the whole week.
With lots of mimosas.

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Ashley said...

Yuck, that sucks you got the flu!!! Did you have it for Christmas, or were you feeling better by then (or get it after)? I hope it didn't ruin the holidays too much for you!!! I can't wait to see Avatar. I think we may try to see it this weekend!