Wednesday, December 2, 2009

WFMW: Inexpensive gift ideas-take 2

There are so many great gift ideas that are right under our noses that people seem to overlook because it isn't the biggest or best gift that could ever be given.

Think of the most heartfelt gifts from your friends and family...were they grandiose?

Okay...well sometimes.

Typically they are something made by hand or assembled out of love and the knowledge of what you love.

Here are some additional inexpensive holiday gifts; most under $10.

  • note cards and a book of stamps-perfect for that out of town friend or family member
  • specialty cookbook
  • copy your favorite recipes and family recipes onto recipe cards and put them in a recipe box. This is truly the gift that will give forever!
  • a new holiday ornament or decoration
  • make a bag/basket with an ice cream scoop and loads of toppings
  • make a bag/basket with cookie dough (or a recipe) and loads of decorations
  • buy a pretty frame and enclose a picture of the family, kids, grandkids or a favorite memory
  • remember that Aunt Cindy loves chocolate? Buy a box of Godiva or Lindt - still under $20 for a lot of them and its something that most people don't splurge on
  • Silly friends and family? Get them the gift that they will ALWAYS use. Toilet paper. Seriously. Great gag gift.
  • make a photo collage on snapfish
  • new CD or DVD
  • a poinsettia or other potted plant
Thats what works for me...find out what works for others here.

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