Tuesday, November 24, 2009

28 going on 76

The hovering feeling that I am getting older by the second is really starting to get ballsy and slap me in the face.

Today I was driving to Bed, Bath and Beyond and I strained a muscle in my neck.


Yeah, by turning it to look to the left.
Fuck that.
I did a typical 28 year old neck motion.
I do crazier stuff....in the bedroom. And I haven't strained anything there!
Lets hope I don't get too crazy and attempt to look behind my car while I back up! Ill probably throw my back out.

Speaking of my body falling apart I have decided to join an elite club.

A group so few in numbers...and high in operations that it makes us...pathetic.

I scheduled to have my 4th knee operation.


Yup, I am only 28.

I had my first at 15.
I guess I just can't get enough?
Its not even anything cool. Its from an old soccer injury. I don't have any good stories or anything. Sad Sad Sad.

And even holding onto the mouse all day to navigate my way around the computer has left my right hand very scary and claw like.
Doesn't make things very easy at all.

So I think I may have another 15 years before my eyeballs fall out and I lose a finger or three in the jell-o salad at Thanksgiving.

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Ashley said...

LOL This post really had me laughing! Thanks for helping me out at the end of a long day! Oh, we should chat soon!!!