Tuesday, November 17, 2009

a hot foamy tornado like hurricane

Since I started couponing last spring I have stopped purchasing certain items entirely for the house.
Paper towels.
You get the general idea.
Anything that is shelf stable and free or damn cheap has been stockpiled into my two storage areas. I have tons of this stuff. I have given so much of it away and I still have oodles of it. I am not complaining or anything - its actually a great feeling knowing that I don't have to worry about these basics when I run out to the store.

When She Speaks asked me to try the new Aquafresh iso-active toothpaste I second guessed if I should try it out or not.

I already have 6 tubes of toothpaste at home that aren't going bad anytime soon. But the intrigue behind this new toothpaste had set in.
I received it last week and I have used it exclusively since then and I am extremely happy with it.
It is a gel that morphs into a foamy tornado like hurricane in your mouth when you begin to brush.
Word to the wise.....if you are a person who uses a lot of 'normal' toothpaste typically - dial it down with this stuff. My first encounter caught me with a full mouth of toothpaste. The foam is seriously impressive and with a normal brushing my teeth felt cleaner than they have since I started using my current tube of paste.
I highly recommend this new toothpaste it is just amazing~

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Ashley said...

Ok, seriously, how did you become so popular that people are now asking you to try stuff??? I WANT TO HELP! I love trying free stuff and critiquing it and this toothpaste sounds awesome!