Wednesday, November 18, 2009

WFMW: Inexpensive gift ideas

With the holiday season just around the corner you may be terrified at the thought of dropping large volumes of cash on gifts for your loved and liked ones. Or you are looking for cheap thrifty ways to purchase gifts for those on your list without ending up in financial ruin. Again.

During the next few WFMW posts I will include some great inexpensive gift ideas that are sure to go over with just about anyone.

Most of them can be purchased for $10 or under.

  • Bottle of wine or sparkling cider
  • Baked goods (and food in general) go over with everyone. Bake up some cookies or bread and include the recipe with the food.
  • Basket filled with crackers, bread and cheeses
  • Gift them a magazine subscription. Find oodles of them HERE for only $5-$8! Purchase a current issue of the magazine and let them know they'll get it for the next year.
  • Pancake or waffle mix and a bottle of real maple syrup
  • books
  • real popcorn and flavored salt or oils
  • holiday mug filled with candy or teas/coffees
  • locally made sauces or foods
  • movie theater gift certificates
  • movie rental gift certificates - with a basket of candy and drinks to go with the rental
Also give ANY gift this holiday season in a reusable shopping tote to promote having a GREEN holiday!
You can pick them up often for $.99 at your local grocery store, WalMart and Target.

This is what works for me during the holiday season. Go here to see what works for others.


'Becca said...

I find it's often very affordable to give my thrifty relatives the "luxury" version of something they use every day. For instance, my mom drinks several cups of green tea daily and it's usually plain bulk tea, so for gifts I give her Republic of Tea green tea with a fancy flavor; it's still <$10 for 50 teabags! My dad will use whatever toothpaste was on sale, but he loves Tom's of Maine Wintermint; it's pricey for toothpaste but cheap for a gift!

Ashley said...

We prepared soup for people as gifts last year. You get clear mason jars and you layer all of the dry ingredients in it. Put on the top with a cut label and attach the recipe. Wha-la! Or if you have a bread maker, make your neighbors seasonal bread!

Lynn said...

These are great gift ideas. I love the one about buying a magazine subscription for someone, since they are so cheap right now. And it's such a sweet monthly reminder of the giver. Thanks :)