Tuesday, February 16, 2010

snow days

We had a large snow storm hit Ohio last week that you may have heard about.

Since most people around here still flip out at the prospect of a few inches of snow the University closed early on Tuesday and I took Wednesday off of work we had time to play in the snow!

Jeff, Carah and Brady posing for a Kessler family shot.
Carah is holding a snowball maker.
It is the lazy persons way to make a perfect snowball.
We have two.

Me and my trusty snowball maker.

Playing on the swing set in their snow suits was the highlight of the afternoon.

We took a break from the snow and Brady decided to catch snowflakes on his tongue. After I pointed out that he was inside and that snowflakes fell outside the house he swiftly put me in my place by telling me that he was doing it anyways.

My favorite shot of Brady...he is attempting to sneak up on me and fire that snowball at me.
I totally spotted him.

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