Tuesday, February 16, 2010

OCD hits again

Last July was a good time.
One of the best in fact.
Remember that episode of the Twilight Zone where the only family on the block with a bomb shelter was being bombarded by their friends and neighbors to let them in because they didn't want to die and it turned into a whole cluster fuck and they all realized how savage they had acted when the whole thing turned out to be a drill of sorts?

This is really nothing like that.
I just really liked that episode because their bomb shelter reminds me of a stockpile pantry.
Thats all.

There isn't anything noteworthy going on this weekend unless you are as excited as I am that I am going to reorganize the stockpile storage pantry.

You say this bores you greatly?

Fine by me.

I get off doing sick shit like reorganizing closets and pantries.
I have some fundamental defect that allows me to stare at empty shelves and see fun putting jars of spaghetti sauce in rows.
And I would even spin this into a business if I could...I would come to your house and organize the fuck outta your closets, your garage and your dressers.
I used to go over to my moms house and clean out her freezer/fridge and her pantry because they were so nasty to look at that I just couldnt take it anymore. Wasnt my house and she didnt mind the clutter.
But I had to do it, like some twisted OCD ritual.
And it totally helps that I rock at it too.

If people think I am weird or just plain bat shit crazy because I like to have a plethora of food in the house as a fail safe then I guess I wont be inviting them over to dinner when the nukes drop and the only person on the block with enough food to last through the radiation stage where we all grow tails in the middle of our backs and our toes fall off is me...then fine.
Wont make me lose sleep at night.
Mostly because I think the radiation would make us nocturnal.
Which would be SO much better for most women...we wouldnt have to wear as much makeup because almost everyone looks sultry in the moonlight.

And who doesnt want to look sultry with no toes and a tail while eating spaghetti, ice cream and cereal at 4am?

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Ashley said...

You're too crazy for words. But I'd love for you to come and organize my pantry for me. Would ya, would ya, would ya?!?

Holley @ Lunges and Lashes said...

I have totally done the same thing. I love when things are stacked neatly in the shelves and facing forward etc! I get in moods when I am so organized, and then totally live in a pigsty for a week. I am ridiculous.