Thursday, February 7, 2008

the sick midget and other happenings

This is what a woman in my office lovingly refers to me as. I don't mind it though. I have had bronchitis for over a week now and I see no end in sight because J had it full force for about a month and he is still coughing, though not as much. Will it ever end?

I turned in my background check to UT yesterday so they should know by Friday that I am a wanted criminal in 3 states under the alias of 'Petunia Picklebottom' and unfit to hire at a state institution. Either way I have to wait until I am confirmed as okay to hire before I can give notice here. So I must wait until Monday.

I did learn that our official work day is 8:15 am to 5:00 pm. Is that weird to anyone but me? Why 8:15 am? And this is 15 minutes earlier than I must be at work now so this throws off my morning schedule, how will I ever adjust?

After looking at my work wardrobe over the past few days I noticed that I do not have a UT worthy wardrobe, I have an ES worthy wardrobe. I need to make it my goal to build a more substantial work wardrobe with smart pieces and low prices.

Also I am going to have a celebratory dinner at Trotter's tavern in BG, thank you mom and thank you Trotter's for making the best fucking steak I have ever eaten. The Brown Jug. Althought I have digressed to ordering the smaller of the two steaks it is still the best meal I have ever been served while dining out. If you have not been you really must go and partake of this wonder. For a mere $17.95ish you receive a wonderful salad of your choice (the ceaser is divine) followed by a spread of: a filet cut steak cooked to your liking swimming on a piping hot skillet of worcestershire sauce, old bay seasoning and a myriad of other delectable ingredients to flavor it. Also on the skillet is perfection...a parmesan roll that you can use to soak up the liquid bounty in your skillet. They also pair this with hand cut french fries, that you can drench in ketchup or vinegar. Ah.....this meal is perfection to me. Even better is that when you get home and ready to relax you realize you still smell like this wonderful meal and get to enjoy it all over again.

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