Thursday, January 7, 2010

the ultimate fun sucker of 2010 (thus far)

2010 is already testing my strength and my ability to find things to do when I get sick of watching TV and DVR's.
Did I really just say that out loud that I get sick of watching TV?


Seriously...when you are forced to laze around it sucks the fun out of doing it because you want to. Forced sick time is a fun sucker.

I had arthroscopic knee surgery on Monday and I am quickly recovering. This is my 4th knee surgery so this is nothing new to me at all.
I have been off crutches and heavy pain medications since Monday as well.
I kind of kick ass.
Major kinds of ass even.

But after my first physical therapy appointment today I am realizing that I am going to take 2 amazingly nice Vicodin and sleep my way into non-knee pain bliss. Until 4 hours later when they wear off and I need repeat said process. Which is my favorite thing to do at 2am.
What is yours?
Nothing as cool as this...I am certain.

And apparently I am 'over doing it' with my vertical time and I need to spend more time resting on the couch with my knee elevated.
Which means...dirty house, neglected chores and fast food.
All of which are magnificent things...when they are not forced.
Stupid knee surgery has become the ultimate fun sucker.

But on the other hand Jeff has been a doll.


Ashley said...

You can't take your Vicodin yet - there is a National Championship game on tonight! Roll Tide! ;-)

Ok, on to you. I hope your recovery continues to go smoothly. And you're right - you do kick ass!

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better and your knee is doing well. As for fun sucking, yes all that is true. It's no fun when you have to be that way it sucks.
Now be careful and don't over do it. Love you !
Big Debi