Thursday, January 14, 2010

what about what?

Being a pretend runner had the ability to take its toll on me this year.

With all of the training.
And sweating.
Extra loads of laundry from the profuse sweating.
And walking and pretending it was running.
Buying new running only shoes.
Buying new shorts and more new tops.

I didnt make any resolutions this year because I always seemed to forget about them come February 1.
But running was something that I was going to do this year.
No matter what.

Well, what happened.

I had my fourth knee surgery in early January...took a few semi-restful days off of work...and when I asked my physical therapist at my first appointment what he thought about me running a few 5K's this year his response was laughter.

Not a nice manly giggle or chuckle.

No, it sounded more like the Witch Hazel from looney tunes.
Except in a deeper voice.

So at least I know I am not allowed to run for the rest of my life so that will get me out of something in the future... this one goes into the back pocket to use whenever I deem necessary.

I need to find something to do with the supercute running tops I bought in 2009 to make myself want to run...

I guess my next resolution is to join Club Mongo and eat my weight in stir fry this year when our new bd's Mongolian Grill opens in Toledo.
This may actually be something I can accomplish?


Anonymous said...

My dear Amanda; You can always walk the path at the park that is soooo very close to your house. Maybe I'll see you there some morning and then I can comment on your cute new tops. Love ya sweetie!

Debi said...

That comment was from Big Debi

Ashley said...

An excuse NOT to run?!? I LOVE IT!!! I would love to have one of those (without having to go through the 4 surgeries of course! LOL)

You can always get use out of the cute clothes by doing light aerobics or walking. We need to start being accountable to each other again.

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