Wednesday, December 10, 2008

random nothings

1. 4 days left until the tonsillectomy. I am EXTREMELY nervous at this stage...and to think that I actually want this surgery. I am pushing for it. And I have been researching recovery tips online which has also given me some hideous facts about the process. Too hideous in fact, that I will not even post them here.

Just know that after Monday morning if you want to get ahold of me please use email or text.

2. The house is 100% decorated to the best of our abilities at this point. It is gorgeous. Our outside lights and our lighted tree sitting in the front window just scream Christmas to me. I love it!

3. Gifts have been 99% purchased. I think I have got them all finished, but there is always that one person who buys you something and you totally forgot about them on your list then you have to say 'I have your gift its just at the house, I totally forgot to grab it today', when what you really mean is 'Fuckity Fuck Fuck Fuck, I didnt even get you anything. You didnt even cross my mind when I was out shopping'.
The kids are getting some really cute and great things. Santa did a great job. Jeff is getting...yeah, right, like I am going to tell you what I got you!

4. I have been frantic at work most days to get all of my events mostly planned so that I dont receive phone calls and emails from work when I am recovering. I know that I will receive emails and calls...I am sure as shit not returning them! Anyone who thinks that I am going to leap out of bed after just having my throat cut open is a freakin psycho. I know it is going to happen though. Fuckers.

5. Lastly I would like to thank Jeff for being so supportive with this time leading up to my surgery. I have been throwing information out at him for a few weeks now and God bless him...he hasnt shown any sign of fault. God speed to you the next few weeks. We will both need it.

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Stacey said...

I will be thinking about you! You will be fine : ) XO