Friday, January 9, 2009

welcome to 1997

I have morphed back into a 16 year old girl.

*My body is a rock from high school soccer.
*My hair is blonde.
*I am the same height though, I haven't grown an inch since I was 12 years old.
*My right leg is in a full leg brace from my second knee surgery in 2 years.
*And I am still embarrassed that my mom has to drive me to school because I am not even allowed to bend my leg yet.
*boobs? Not so much.
*Crutches were my best friend in the mid-1990's.
*I am reading books for fun like its my job.

Now in the reality of 2009 things have changed.

*I do not have a rock for a body. If it is a rock it is a rock made of a pudding type substance. It holds its shape if stood upright, but if I lean over, then everything shifts to one side. Its a chocolate/vanilla swirl pudding.
*My hair is dark brown with red highlites.
*Still haven't grown. Its always fun when 8 year olds are taller than I am.
*I have now had 3 knee surgeries, more than most elderly people have had total. I think I am not up to 8 surgeries overall. Jealous much?
*I am still embarrassed when my mom has to drive me around...more so that I am upset that if I die when she is driving the first thing that people will notice is that she drives as if she was a hunchback and that she has a love of Sheryl Crow that is unnatural. It could be my distaste for Sheryl Crow, but nevertheless, I would be embarrassed. And dead.
*boobs. Nuf Said.
*I am still reading for fun like its my job.

A recent book series has brought back my love for reading every night. Instead of watching tv. I think that the holiday break in new tv shows to fill my DVR helped this along, but I have been a fool for reading.
In the past it has been an obsession with Harry Potter that is frequently brought back to life when a new movie is released.
It has also been V.C. Andrews books when I was in Jr. High. The way she had some extremely soft core porn written into the plot lines was key to a 11/12 year old girl. The incest also made it fun to read.
Of course I have been a fan of the flighty chick lit books. They make it easy to read an entire book in one sitting.
I have also been a fan of environmental books. They peak my interest from my college studies and make me feel smart. Real smart.

Now it is namely the Twilight series of books by Stephenie Meyer.
A dear friend of mine purchased the first book in the series for me while I was recovering from surgery and I have been hooked ever since. I have had the series on my to-read list for awhile now but just hadn't gotten around to it.
I read the first book in 2 drug-induced days and didn't stop reading until I had all 4 books finished. I even drove across town to pick up the 3rd book when 2 stores were out of it near my home.

So I am hooked. More than hooked. I might even go so far as to say utterly obsessed. I have had dreams about this book. No clue why and I dont remember half of them (the dreams, not the books) but I, for some reason, cannot stop thinking about these books.

My dear friend and I saw the Twilight movie last Saturday night. No, it is not as good as the book (no movie ever is) but we decided we had to see it again. Tonight. (nerd alert)

See, I am morphing back into a 16 year old girl. What the hell is wrong with me!?

I know that the book has a strong mormon undertone to the kissing, touching and sexual tension between the two main characters. And whatever, tomato/tomato. Look at all of the books/movies that have a strong catholic undertone...I still see those movies and read those books. Religion is specific for everyone and who am I to judge.

There are few keys things that have me entranced with this series.

The setting of the Pacific Northwest. I have lived out there and visited about a hundered and seventeen times and I would live there in an instant if I could. Beautiful doesnt even begin to describe that area.

The way that the main characters, Edward and Bella, have a love at first sight reaction to each other. Sure he would just as easily kill her and feed from her warm blood, but its not like that. It seems so easy to understand but for some reason it strikes a deeper chord within me. I love the way he is protective of her, the way their love evolves along with their relationship and their strong family ties.

Either way I am 16 again and simply giddy about this series. Luckily I have found a friend who is just as nerdy as I am about them to share my shock and wonder.


Ashley said...

Well you KNOW that I love this series as well! I'm almost done with book 4 and trying to make the time last longer. Although, next I will be reading the unpublished Midnight Sun (found on Stephanie Myer's website). After that, I'm screwed!

Julie said...

I'm right with you! I read all 4 in about a week and a half, and I'm about to go see the movie for the 3rd time. I know it's juvenile, but then so am I :P