Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 - The year of the Ox

Yeah. The Ox. Sounds sexy doesnt it?
I was born during the year of the Rooster. Why is it that the Chinese zodiac is named after some kinda disturbing animals? Its not that Tiger and Dragon scare me. No, its sheep. Sheep. That scares me.

Either way...Happy New Year to everyone. I just remembered that I posted my 2008 New Years Resolutions last January. I dug them out and realized that I didnt accomplish them all as I had hoped.
So once again, as everyone likes to do, here are my 2009 Resolutions. Or goals. Here are my 2009 Goals.

1. Save more money. I need to be dilligent about this. It is always ruined by car trouble, bills or a great pair of pants I saw that I needed to get.

2. Take a couple of Florida trips. This seems to be the year of Florida for us. I won a free trip to Naples Bay Resort and it has come to our attention that we are desperate to get out of Ohio, if even for a long weekend. We also may visit my moms new Florida house for the Christmas holiday this year. Which would be a fantastic change of pace for us, plus we would get to see the Florida side of the family, always a bonus.

3. Try out new recipes each month. My rotation of dinners got a tad stale near the end of the year as to be expected, since I didnt put much thought into it. I have too many recipes saved up to try to even begin to count so I am going to breeze through them this year, adding to my culinary expertise.

4. In keeping with the traditional 'I want to watch my weight and eat better' resolution I am goign to list a few ways in which I am going to do this. One of them is #3, another is limiting quick meals (frozen pizza, and other frozen meals to heat and eat) to only once per week - and less if we can do it, we both have hectic schedules so this will be a good one to work for. Another is to limit fast food to once per month. This one will be a bit harder and it will force me to plan ahead with my meals.

And surprisingly this is all I could think of. I dont want to overcommit myself, naturally, but I think I should be adding more to this??

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Ashley said...

Good goals! I like them!!! I will post mine at some point I'm sure. I think you should start doing what I'm doing - post the food youc ook on your blog! By doing that it has helped force me to want to cook more! Because I know I can blog about it! Plus, then I can check out your recipes and try them myself! LOL

Happy New Year!! Hope 2009 is better for both of us!