Tuesday, May 19, 2009

friday seems weeks away

*sigh* Its only Tuesday.

Totally feels like a Friday...or it already feels like I want it to be a Friday.

The boss is gone this week so the office is running at about 1/2 power.  

It is delightful in every way.

I am planning to spend my week at work couponing and planning a menu for a cookout on Sunday with our friends and their kids.  
No, not working.  

Working only happens when the boss is here and needs impressing.

No, I am putzing around on goodreads, facebook, reading blogs, printing coupons and generally avoiding work at all costs.

With that being said I went to Wal*Mart on my lunch and did some grocery shopping...original total = $23.94.
After coupons and deals = $11.44.  
Not my best go at it, but 52% savings is better than none.

After cutting out my coupons from all 4 inserts in all 6 of my Sunday papers...I had to weed out all of the unnecessary coupons because my food accordian file for coupons was basically busting at the seams.
Sad and pathetic.  I know it.

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