Monday, May 4, 2009


Jeff and I have FINALLY planned our trip to Naples, Fl.  
I won a 4 night stay at a fabulously lux resort in Naples last October and we just got around to booking it.  

So in June we will drive down there and do some sight-seeing on the drive down and back.  
But the thing that I look forward to most of all is the ability to do nothing.  
Nothing at fucking all.

I want to tan by the pool...sit in the lazy river...snorkel...maybe para sail...and sleep in.
So freakin geeked for all of this.
It has been years since my last vacation and this could not come at a better time.

Have you ever been to Naples?  What the heck do we do there?

I am not finding much in the way of information that doesn't include eating seafood and playing shuffleboard and bingo.  Not that these don't wildly interest us...but doing that for 4 straight nights may be a bit much.

So we are very open to your ideas.

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