Thursday, May 28, 2009

Platinum baby

My Christmas gift from Jeff last year was the gift that keeps on giving.  
A Cedar Point Platinum Pass.

May seem lame to you but you obviously don't know the joy that is Cedar Point.  
If you think your local amusement park is fun/amazing/awesome/the best...then you haven't ever been to Cedar Point.  

And I don't mean to sound like your park sucks in comparison - but its the truth.  
It does.

Cedar Point is the mecca of all roller coaster enthusiasts.  
With 17 coasters, thrill rides, camp Snoopy for the munchkins, water rides and many, many more kinds of rides and entertainment of all forms it is not a wonder why it is consistently voted top park in so many capacities and why it is called America's Roller Coast.  

The Platinum Pass allows for access to Soak City - somewhere I have oddly never been.  But I am sure I will enjoy it immensely.  

Now don't get me wrong with the whole amusement park thing.

I am not someone who will wait in line for an hour or more just to sit on the plastic seat still dripping with sweat from the rider before me.  

I refuse to wait more than 30 minutes to sit in someone elses sweat.  Sure, call me what I am.  I am a line snob.  And this is obviously not the place for germaphobes (sorry Howie Mandel).  

That is why the season pass is so perfect.  I hate to have to pay a full day admission and spend 80% of that day waiting in lines!  The pass allows for multiple trips to the point and if the line to the best ride ever (Raptor) is beyond long...then I don't feel terrible that I missed it.  I will be able to get on it next time.  
My favorite time of day to go is during the twilight hours when the day-trippers are leaving to go home and the park is emptying.
The beauty of the season pass.

So welcome to summer and Merry Christmas to me!

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