Friday, April 4, 2008

The best 15 or so friends a girl could have

Do you have them?

That group of friends that is an eclectic mix of beauty, brains, marrieds, singles, moms, self proclaimed nerds, prom queens, and tomboys?

I do.

I have an extremely diverse group of friends.
No. I dont see them everyday. I dont even talk to them everyday.

But I know they are there. They share in my joy. My pain. My jokes and my stories.

They are the definition of amazing. They are truly the best group I could have ever found myself in. Each of us has our own strength. Our own weakness.
But we are there to provide support to each other. And that support is what drives us.
Someone is always available.

We are the type of group that can do anything. Yup. Anything.

Like....we could make a funky band together....

We are a very philenthropic group. We have yet to add the tutu's of course. But you can spot us with our bows. Bedazzled bows.

We could have an outdoor picnic. Im not sure we would be as stylish as these folks, but I know that we would have just as much fun as them. Doesnt it look like they are having tons of fun? Of course it does. Whenever anyone pulls out a guitar I always feel the need to throw my arms over my head and go crazy! Do any of you play the geetar?

We are a group who loves sappy girly movies. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is a staple. It is a big screen version of our friendship. We are all different and may not always be together. But we have always got each others back. I dont think we could share pants though. There are too many of us. And with the price of stamps going up next month....well, I think we're better off without.

You girls are the best. You know who you are.

So Ill leave you all with part of our secret handshake. Thats right. Jazz hands. Obviously these people need guidance and have not yet participated in our jazz hands clinic. Maybe they arent the best example.
Okay. These people better show you the type of jazz hands we are capable of doing. We provide show-stopping jazz hands. Show fucking stopping.


Emily said...

Awww, I just got all teary-eyed! Back atcha, A.

Lindsay said...

This made me cry!

Brittany said...

You can't see it, but I am jazz handing you right back, sweetie!

Amy said...

I call for a big bedazzled, jazz handed group hug!

Michelle said...

You rock.