Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dinner out please

Has it really been a week since I posted something noteworthy on my blog? The answer is most obviously: yes.
I can't even think of something fun and excited that I did this past week.

Oh! Yes, I thought of it.

Saturday afternoon I visited the Shorty's true american roadhouse location on Monroe Street.
It was my first visit to Shorty's in general and I was rather excited to try some amazing bbq.

Their menu is great! To start with I had the Memphis Egg Rolls
Hands down the best fucking thing I have eaten at a BBQ joint. EVER.

For dinner I had their Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich
It comes out sans BBQ sauce but they have two selections on your table for you. Their 'normal' and their 'spicy'. After a small taste test I chose the spicy and thuroughily soaked my pulled pork. It was divine!
I will say that their cole slaw was amazing too! They said that they make everything from scratch that is served in their restaurant. So not only was it tasty it was made in house. Always a bonus.

The waitress twisted my arm and MADE me have dessert. I had the Simply Great Bread Pudding.
In my was decent. I can make better. So this was an eh point in the meal for me.

But it is well worth it to visit your local Shorty's restaurant and enjoy some BBQ!!


Brittany said...

Oh yum, I love Shortys, but I had NO IDEA it was a Mancy's Restaurant.

They will be at taste of the much fun would that be!

Stephanie said...

Mmm, I love their mac & cheese and cornbread. Delish!!!