Thursday, April 17, 2008

best 3 ending movie ever

If you even have to question which movie is the best 3 ending movie ever then you must be a communist.
A communitst.
Because everyone knows that the best 3 ending movie ever is CLUE. It is the perfect murder mystery comedy.

I might add that it is arguably the best movie ever, no matter the number of endings it delights us with.

Where else can you live out a board game in a movie? I challenge anyone to find a movie made from a board game that rivals CLUE in any fashion.

Don't bother.
It cannot be found because it is impossible.

So many memorable movie quotes come straight from CLUE.
And do I even need to mention that I want house with secret passage ways? No, dont think I do. Because after we see this movie we realize that we all do.
Talk about a killer hide and go seek game.

I could go on and on about the perfection that is CLUE. Instead I will leave you all with a small collection of quotes that to those in the know about this miracle of a will leave you all in stitches.

Mrs. White
"Yes, I did it, I killed Yvette. I hated her, so much... That... it... it... flam - flames. Flames, on the side of my face, heaving... breath - , heaving breaths. Heaving breath..."

Singing Telegram Girl
Da da da da da da! I, am, your singing telegram...! (this tune is such an ear worm)

Mr. Green (who is actually not a fruit)
Well, I had to stop her screaming.

The game's up, Scarlet. There are no more bullets left in that gun.
Miss Scarlet
Oh, come on, you don't think I'm gonna fall for that old trick?
It's not a trick. There was one shot at Mr. Boddy in the Study; two for the chandelier; two at the Lounge door and one for the singing telegram.
Miss Scarlet
That's not six.
One plus two plus two plus one.
Miss Scarlet
Uh-uh, there was only one shot that got the chandelier. That's one plus two plus *one* plus one.
Even if you were right, that would be one plus one plus two plus one, not one plus *two* plus one plus one.
Miss Scarlet
Okay, fine. One plus two plus one... Shut up! The point is, there is one bullet left in this gun and guess who's gonna get it!

And no, it is not a quote...but who can forget watching Mrs. Peacock totally checking out Yvonne's boobage in the maids uni?
But I leave you with my parting words of........

I'm going home to sleep with my wife


Lori said...

GREAT blog!!!! We still have to watch this together!!!!

Brittany said...

Wait...didn't they urn Mall Madness into a kick as movie!?!?!?