Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I refuse to give up my fruit roll ups

Today marks the day when I refuse to buy crap at the grocery store. No, not the manure outside. (which I wont buy anyways)

I mean chips, cookies, candies, packaged dinners of most kinds and other various culprits that seem to without reserve jump into my shopping cart when my head is turned searching for the highest fiber cereal I can find. Sure, when I say highest fiber I am lying to you....and while you were shaking your head and waving your finger at me I snuck a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and a box of Fruit Loops into my cart.
Hey, they were on sale! And unfortunately on sale has beat out healthy for a LONG time.

I think its time to turn the tables on sale prices and start to shop smarter. I am positive that I can shave numerous dollars each week and month off of our grocery bill if I shop smarter. I want to eat cleaner, healthier and less often. I have been fueled by sugary morning foods for too long. I am taking a stand against them. As soon as I finish this last box of Raspberry Pop Tarts (the best flavor possible) it is healthy morning foods for me. This sugar in the morning only leads downhill for the rest of my day. Case in point: the entire bag of peppermint patties that I ate yesterday and today. Yup, just one after the other...they are crack.

Now, I will go on record saying that I am not some crazy nazi when it comes to eating smart. I said I wont buy the cookies...I didnt say anything about not making cookies. This actually gives me a chance to try out new recipes from the LARGE binder that I tote around. (sorry about that one babe!) It has become a random obsession of mine to have numerous recipes on hand. I have tons. Tons. TONS. I have cut myself off from printing, copying or any tearing out of recipes until I get my current pile under control.

And there are a few things that I will continue to purchase at the store that are not the healthiest of fare for us. Number one being fruit roll ups. Now I really dont have a number two but I needed to have fruit roll ups on some sort of list so that the man of the house doesnt shake his head at me when I bring home a box from my 'healthier eating' trip to the store. Hopefully if I pull a bag of chips out of the shopping bag he'll forget all about my FRU's. Oh, better yet! I got you a package of runts....oh yeah, that'll make him forget them. Sorry babe, Ive got you all figured out!

And if I have a day when I am in dire need of preservatives and sugary goodness then at least I will have the Scooperman Ice Cream and Swiss Cake Rolls I snuck in my cart when you nodded and believed that I would stop tearing recipes out of magazines and printing them from blogs. Sucker.


Brittany said...

Stay strong girl!

Oh, and go buy a food dehydrator, then you can make your own healthier version of FRUs:)

JTKess said...

Wait just a I hearing this right? We have Swiss Cake rolls somewhere???

schwartz said...

Sorry we dont! But maybe I could smuggle a box into the cart this weekend when I go shopping!