Wednesday, April 23, 2008

its a bitch

No, not life.

Moving is a bitch.

I generally have two feelings about moving.
1. I am typically overjoyed to get into the new house/apartment/yurt
2. I am typically overly pissed off that you can't perform the I Dream of Jeanie arm slap with a head nod combo and magically have all of your belongings moved and put away in the new yurt.

This Thursday and Friday bring about moving days for this year for me. I am both overjoyed and overly pissed off about it. Luckily it is not the middle of winter or the middle of summer because anyone who has moved during those times knows the specific forms of frostbite and heatstroke that I fear. But the Gods have smiled upon me and allowed me to move the end of April.

The yurt that my man and I are moving into is a cute and cozy 4 bedroom house in my favorite city in NW Ohio. It is perfect for now and will help us make many more memories over the coming years.

Now comes the bitch of it all...the moving.
In case I'm not around next week its because I'm in hospital dying from broken appendages or because I'm bleeding into my peritoneum. Oh.

Or simply unpacking I guess.

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