Friday, May 2, 2008

is it possible to love you more? OR another side of Schwartz

I have an obsession with a few things around the house.

A clean kitchen and bathroom.
Keeping clothing clean and organized.
Keeping the floors clean enough.
Always having FRU's around.
An obvious obsession with tv (as my DVR fills up weekly and no, not all of its crap).
Making sure that there is enough shampoo to get me through another shower or two.
And in keeping my DVD's in strict alphabetical order.

Yeah. Strict. I am a DVD nazi of sorts. I can when there is one missing just by giving a quick once over. But I love all of my DVD's as if they were my children. Each one of them makes me laugh, cry, love and hate just as much as real people do.
But what really makes me happy is when the one I love can share in these movies with me.

See...He didn't really come to me with a love of movies. Yes, he would watch them and talk about them with his other house-selling realTORS but never did he realize there was so much more to the movie watching (and movie going at that) experience until he met me.

Just last night, as we sat down to enjoy our dinner, I had him pick out a movie to watch since the DVR was empty. I have seen them all numerous times and he hadn't enjoyed the majority of them yet. He narrowed the lengthy options down to just two. Let me just say that his options made me love him just a little bit more, if that is at all possible!
They were: What Dreams May Come (no, no, no. Not WET dreams. WHAT dreams. Robin Williams, love story, heaven/hell....fantastic movie either way) AND The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring.
This excited me greatly! I am a super nerd for The Lord of the Rings trilogy of movies. NERD!
So the fact that he wanted to watch them all made my little heart go pitter-patter just for him! I actually tackled him in the family room with a ginormous hug because he had excited me so much~ As I said, I'm a super nerd for LOTR.
In fact...I own LOTR Risk and LOTR Trivial Pursuit. But the only bitch about this is that I can't find anyone who is as big of a LOTR nerd as me to play me in either. I always win. And while it is fun to always win I want someone who can match my wits in this area of pop culture.

With topics such as:
Who is Gimli's father?
What is the Elvish word for friend?
How old is Aragorn?
Why don't the elves and the dwarfs get along?
Explain the light of the Evanstar.
What did the fellowship eat for the greater part of their trip?
Why is Schwartz such a nerd about LOTR?

But the simple fact that the man I love wanted to watch something as intense as LOTR because I love it (okay maybe a little bit because he wanted to see it anyways...) just makes me love him more.

Don't judge me based on LOTR only. I have many many other things that easily classify me as nerd. Please feel free to judge me on those too!


Brittany said...

210 when he died.
The dwarfs are jealous, elves are better endowed.
The necklace Arwin gives to Aragorn, giving up her immortal life for his love.
A second breakfast of fruit roll ups.
Who knows, but we love her anyways.

schwartz said...

fuck I love you bananas