Thursday, May 29, 2008

further proof the computer will replace mankind

Have you ever noticed that your handwriting is not so legible as it was before computers came around? Or that it takes 3 minutes for your hand or wrist to cramp up when writing something simple, such as a grocery list?

Sure I had passed cursive in second grade and stopped making hearts over my i's in Jr High. In high school I had stopped writing all together. Who needs to write if you're not doing homework? But in college, aka: the time when my parents bought me my very own computer, my handwriting went downhill.
I look back in my notebooks (yes I kept them. Doesn't everyone keep their notes from college?) and I see a general degression in my legibility, form and general sense of caring what my printing reads like.

I am not someone that found cursive entirely thrilling by any means. I stuck to printing. I actually was fired from a job because I didnt write in cursive, no shit people.
But even now, my printing lacks a lot.

Look at your grandma's is probably gorgeous and flowing in the most perfect cursive known to mankind. Ah, the time before computers.

My cursive is probably along the same standards as those second graders just learning that the capitol G in cursive will take you a week to perfect. I secretly laughed at everyone whose name started with a G.

At this point I will have to start carrying my laptop around with me to make simple, daily notes to myself. I have reached the legibility of...the doctor. Yes, it is that bad at times. I can't even read my own notes at work. I squint (as if that'll help) and wonder why I was thinking I could call the boss and book a room with pickles. Pickles? Who? Who could I have meant? And why would the boss do this?

Either way...the computer and email have replaced handwriting and letters. But I dont have time to go on because I need to know why I ordered a room with pickles and why I found a note to myself for respiratory murderers this fall. Murderers? What could that possible be?

Maybe that second grader over there practicing his capitol cursive G could help me decipher my printing.

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Emily said...

Law school is the only thing that sort of saved my handwriting. I would have failed out (literally!) if my printing were any less legible.