Tuesday, May 6, 2008

higher education, here I come!

After completing my baccalaureate degree at the best school in the area (why, its BGSU of course), I promptly started in on my Masters degree. I greatly enjoyed my Masters classes and I did a fantastic job at everything!

But life took a few swings at me and I backed down from my directed project or thesis to that would complete my degree. So here I am. A 26 year old with a great new job at UT, free tuition at said school for just about everything and a degree to finish. Hhmmmm, seems like I should probably take full advantage of this.

So today....I set the chain of events in motion. I emailed the chair of the department and asked what it'll take to get me graduated (finally!)

So I will keep you all updated on my progress. Ill need lots of cheering and high fives as I complete my directed project or thesis. Both of them are going to royally suck ass. But in the end Ill have my Masters degree.


But have no fear my fellow BGSU alums....I have nothing but love for my school. They just dont give me my eduation for free. Ill always bleed Orange and Brown.

And here are Freddie and Freida, giving it up to my BG peeps (you know who you are)...


Lindsay said...

Go get em' doll face!!! BG forever...but props to UT for free edu!!! We're here for ya....your biggest fans!! :0) Make it happen Schwartz!!

Lori said...

Kudos to you for finishing your Masters!!! You can do this!!! I'm behind you all the way!!