Monday, May 19, 2008

Cliffs Notes 101

In order to catch everyone up with the life of Schwartz ill give you all the cliffs notes version of the past week or so.

1. My cousin Ashley came into town with her boyfriend, Nate, and their dogs; Kaya and Macgyver. They are Florida natives that just survived their first 9 months in Vermont. How do you shock the fuck out of someone from Florida? Plop them in Vermont during one of the snowiest winters ever and see how they do! Surprisingly, they both look chipper and well. They must have discovered what the rest of us do during our cold and long winters....screw like bunnies. Its genius. It both passes the time and provides warmth and cardio.

2. J and I have been mad at work (still) with the unpacking and making sure things are settled around the house. The garage is still a high holy mess but until mother nature decides to give us a friendly, sunshine filled and kid free day to work on it I dont see it becoming spotless anytime soon. I know that mother nature can't really control if its a kid free day or not, but she could ask to see our schedule sometime to know what would be best for us.
Its just a thought.

3. I am mad at work trying to find a suitable vacation for J and myself later on this year. We have been throwing around the idea of jetting off to festive Mexico and drinking AI booze and sunning ourselves. This sounds pretty sublime to us both right about now.

4. There is nothing that will tire you out more than a teething 8.5 month old with gas. Enough said.

5. How can children sleep through the loudest noises ever? They can sleep through loud music, movies, tv, conversations, bomb testing and nuclear attacks. But the second you set one foot on a creaky floor they wake up? Amazing. They should be discected and studied. On second 25 year old brother is still like this.

6. Oh, and there is something worse than the teething 8.5 month old with gas. A teething 8.5 month old with gas who decides that 4:30 am is a socially acceptable time to wake up.
Its not. Thank the Lord for the turtle. The baby Einstein crib turtle that plays music and has flashing lights to convince said 8.5 month old that sleep is great. The turtle saves us all. My only problem with it is that it should have a long distance remote that I can click to turn it on while Im still in bed. Walking up a flight of stairs is too much for that time of the day. Remotes make everything easier.

7. Numbers 2, 4 and 6 are the main reasons that we need #3, our Mexican vacation, to happen this year. Without it, there may not be hope for a high survival rate for anyone.

Here is a picture of Cancun, Mexico. Inspiration at its best.

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