Monday, June 2, 2008

135 dog years old

I just realized that my birthday is about 3 months from now. Yeah, 3 months is eons away. But I had a 1.4 minute fixation on it. I think it was the birthday gift planning for dear Jeff who has a birthday coming up on July 1.
Now, I know that 27 is considered young by many, but this 26 year old is having a hard time stepping out of the mid-20's area where ages 24, 25 and 26 are housed. 27. I consider 27 to be late-20's. I think we all do.
I just dont want it. Not at all.

I dont want the 30th birthday, the wrinkles, (more) stretch marks and loss of valuable muscle mass needed to hold down the couch during the weekends.

I know its stupid to even think about. 27 is a perfectly acceptable age. And it is young.
It is often times hard to not compare myself to other 27 year olds around our fair nation. Not just the mega-millionaire celebrities. But even to my friends. They have beautiful houses, happy marriages and have fantastic drunken midgets running around they call kids.

It may sound boring to some and even stupid to the others. But one of my goals in life include having a boringly happy The Dick Van Dyke Show kind of existence. I'm not saying that I agree to smile as much as Laura Petrie. But you get the picture.

I do know that a good friend of mine, Brittany, recently turned 27 and she didnt spontaneously combust or anything. She actually had a great 3 day celebration. So I am fairly certain that Ill come out alive in the end. If you hear of anything to the contrary over the next three months...fill me in would ya?


Emily said...

If it makes you feel any better, the 27th-birthday-freak-out seems to be pretty common. It's happened to a lot of my friends. I about lost it when I turned 25, so I'm hoping I'll get to bypass the problems with 27.

Brittany said...

Don't do it. It was horrible. I put on a brave face, but I was crying on the insides.

schwartz said...
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