Wednesday, June 25, 2008

paper, glass, plastic and cardboard

Since moving to Perrysburg I have been nothing short of giddy at the thought of recycling.

Yeah, I said recycling!

Perrysburg has an excellent program, they are really very polite and dont mind being asked the stupidest of questions, PLUS they have these super cute red recycling bins to use! Durable even when hit by a car.

Against his prior just throw it all in the garbage ways I have 99% successfully converted Jeff to the other side. The hippy, granola, recycling side. Not only have I converted Jeff but his darling daughter, Carah, as well.

I do know that when I am not around and he tries to throw away a plastic or glass container (force of habit, Im sure) that he is sometimes busted by my new recycling deputy. She is on top of things in my absence.

In all of her 4 year old cuteness she comes up to me as I put on my makeup in the bathroom today (you know, so I can look like Hayden Penettiere, only older) she brings her juice box to me "Can I recycle this?"

Sadly, we could not recycle the juice box but just the fact that I have her little mind ticking towards a better tomorrow is just fabulous.


Michelle said...

Awesome!! Go C! I like the little munchkin already.

BunnyMendelbaum said...

Hey lady, I'm tagging you! Go to my blog and get the questions!