Monday, June 16, 2008

things in life that drive me bonkers

1. Nose whistles. Its an odd conversation to tell someone that they have a nose whistle. And how awkward is it when it is YOU that has the annoying nose whistle and you cannot get rid of it.
Don't these people realize that their nose is whistling with every single breath they take? No. Of course not. It wouldn't be annoying that way.

2. That we have not yet invented self cleaning dishes and utensils. This would be most helpful.

3. Hearing the same song on different genres of radio stations. If I hear a great song on our local New Rock Alternative/90's Alternative station I sure as hell don't want to be hearing that song on our top 40/pop station. I am not one for a song to transcend the station lines and be acceptable for all to listen to.

4. That other restaurants have not discovered the need for food delivery. Pizza is delivered. Chinese is delivered. But why did the powers that be decide to stop there? Is it really that much harder to deliver burgers? Sushi? Thai? We need to force a delivery revolution. Yes, this will further the obesity epidemic in America, but isn't it slightly worth it for a Spicy Tiger Roll to be delivered at your beck and call?
When I was at Bowling Green State University there was a fabulous delivery service that was fairly novel. They delivered beer. To college kids. Can we all say money maker? This marvel is known as Mr. Spots. They have hoagies, philly's and the best damn waffle fries you'll find in NW Ohio. The delivery goes into the wee hours of the morning. So if you have a hankering for food other than Taco Bell at 3am you DO have another option in Bowling Green.

5. When I paint my fingernails - my left hand always comes out looking great. My right hand looks like I let the cats try and paint it for me. I am not left handed so unfortunately the hand that I use for everything always ends up looking unkept. I promise you that I try my best to not look slovenly in my nail polishing but you have to accept that this is the best I can muster with a hand that feels like it was just attached yesterday when I try and actually use it for such technical purposes. The left hand is much happier when I use it for functions such as back scratching, helping getting dressed and hell, even typing makes it happy. Trying to feed myself with my left hand is right up there with nail polishing. You'd think my mouth moved into my cheek.

6. The over-achieving co-worker. I have a co-worker that is a constant over achiever. This is not necessarily a bad thing by any means but when it makes me look bad I start to care. This person ALWAYS volunteers to take on projects, plan meetings, order food and brown nose the boss on any occasion applicable. Its sickening.

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