Thursday, June 26, 2008

he only has eyes for me...and Janet Reno

From reading my recent post of the Top 5 men that make my heart skip a beat my darling Jeff has composed a Top 5 list of his own.

He emailed it to me yesterday and I made the error of reading his list when I was drinking. I had to toss my keyboard aside to save it from the spray of Diet Coke that erupted from said list.

You'll see what I mean.

And this is why Jeff is my love...

(Oh, I will preface this by saying that my man has impeccable taste! And these are his captions)

Jeff's Top 5

It's hard to limit it to just 5, because so many celebrities catch my eye, I could never limit myself to just 5, but here is my best effort:

5. Sandra Bernhard - What a smile...she can burn me hard anyday.

4. Rhea Perlman - Hello you doing?

3. Camilla Parker-Bowles - Good enough for a prince, good enough for me...and then some...yum!

2. Melissa Rivers - Seeing her last night on tv brought back that tingle I had when she hosted those red carpet shows on E!

1. Janet Reno - total package. Brains...brawn and I hear she makes a mean apple dumpling.


Not Just Any Jen said...

Oh, my goodness! Your man is a gem! this is just hilarious!

Brittany said...

Oh yum! Ask him if he is a fan of the Janet Reno Dance party?

Lori said...

Hilarious! And I'm a fan of the Janet Reno Dance party!!!