Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mix and Freeze

I have found my new favorite summer drink. Actually Jeff and I found it last month and have not been able to order more yet. I know we are both jonesing for it and luckily, we will have some next week!

I speak to you of the Tastefully Simple Mango Breeze Margarita Mix. It is the bees knees. I am not a mix and freeze drink fan but something about this mix told me it was different.
I added the necessary amount of water and tequila, mixed and froze overnight.
Okay, to be honest with you I wanted to try and add MORE tequila than it called for, but I ran out of tequila. So I ended up following the recipe exactly.
It was perfect! After 2 slushy glasses I was pleasantly surprised at their potency.

I officially dubbed it My favorite summer drink.


JTKess said...

For the record, I never said it was "the bees knees"...but yes, they are very good.

Love you beautiful.

schwartz said...

Do bees even have knees?

JTKess said...

Don't know how accurate this rendering is...but no knees according to this site.


Also found this answer...What's 'the Bees Knees'?
A popular expression is 'Its the bees knees' meaning its ideal, or the best. However although bees have legs with joints like any insect their joint have nothing like a knee cap therefore bees do not have knees as such.

...a little bored waiting for my next appointment...

Michelle said...

Share the love Amanda. And this reading post could have come like an hour earlier when I was putting my damn order in. Next time.... sigh.

schwartz said...

MIchelle! I will share the love, no doubt. ANd that just means you need to catch up on my posting more!