Tuesday, June 24, 2008

bears and worms and sharks Oh! My!

I think that gummy candy is something that has no human can resist. Well, not Jeff at least. Sorry to out you...but Jeff is a candy freak. I never thought that I would meet my candy match but I sure as fuck have!
They make so many types of gummies that there is literally something for every taste.

My pleasure is plain 'ol gummy bears.

But they must be from The Candy Jar on Louisiana Avenue (thats downtown) Perrysburg. They do not have a webpage but trust me that they have just about any candy that you desire! Their prices are beyond reasonable and where else can you peruse delicious, tooth-decaying candy in old fashioned glass candy jars? I am a huge advocate for local businesses and this is one of my favorites.

Their gummy bears are completely special because they are flown in from a distributer in Germany. These little German bears are divine. Yes, I am a gummy bear snob. I openly admit to it.

Gummy candies range from gummy peach rings, gummy sharks, gummy dinosaurs, gummy penguins, sour patch kids, sour gummy worms, gummy ice cream cones, gumy hot dogs and gummy tv stars even. The world is ga-ga for gummies.

I recall our dear Homer Simpson partaking of the free samples at the candy convention and accidentally taking the gummy Venus Di Milo...he even went so far as to grab the gummy off of the babysitters ass, just so he could savor its gummy goodness.

What is your gummy pleasure??

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