Monday, June 23, 2008

I reluctantly list my 5

I know that as soon as I post the list Ill think of someone else to add to it...and who do you bump from a top 5?

And I would also like to preface this list by saying that I am very much in love with a total hottie. Jeff is fantastic....and Jeff, we know that I have no chance in hell with any of these celebrities so they are only eye candy, while are the one I fall asleep with every night. And thats the best kind of love (and lust).

I am not going to list the following, even though they could easily make the top 5..........David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Will Smith, Christian Bale, Matthew Fox, Mike Rowe, Ryan Reynolds...and the list goes on. I like to go with the unsung hotties.

Here is my current and ever changing, top 5.

#1 Matt Damon

He is a fabulous family man, has his own production company, is one hell of an actor and is actively involved in numerous charities. Oh, plus he has those amazing blue eyes. I completely have a thing for blue eyed men (right Jeff?)
The word to describe Matt Damon? Delicious.

#2 Ryan Gosling

Who didnt fall in love with him while watching The Notebook?
He sizzled onscreen and made me *swoon* when he and Rachel McAdams totally got it on after they were caught in the rainstorm. Wow. Just wow. And seriously, he is one of the few men that looks amazing while totally scruffy.

#3 Simon Baker

I just discovered him yesterday while watching a DVR'd movie, Something New.

Decent movie, made better by his rugged good looks. He is the all-American boy next door type. Move over Mr. Rogers, he can be my neighbor.

#4 Daniel Craig

The new 007 himself.

Thank God the James Bond powers that be gave us females our very own 'hottie in the ocean' moment. The men all had it with Halle Berry, okay and a lot of us girls like it too. But we were due. Thank you Daniel Craig for delivering. And any man that can take the torture he endured and still think about sex...a man after my own heart.

#5 Ian Somerhalder

He played Boone on LOST (the best TV show ever).

I could have cried when he died, okay, I DID cry when he died. I guess the island was done with him. I really dont know if he has even done any other acting work, but he had my eye in LOST and I guess I could find a few things to do with him on a stranded island. They did have handcuffs. But he is totally a pretty boy and that is not my style at all.

But here is my all time #1 cuddled up with me at Christmas last year.


Ashley said...

Yah, Matt Damon is totally on my list. Mmmm, he's just scrumptious!

Brittany said...

Wait...I'M fucking Matt Damon!

schwartz said...

classic Brittany.
----cut to Harrison Ford in a convertible "Im fucking Ben Affleck"----

schwartz said...
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Not Just Any Jen said...

Yes, very classic, Brittany. can I fuck him too?

Great list Swartz. Love that you listed the "unsung." Ian Somerhalder is hot!