Wednesday, June 11, 2008

circa 1995

A few weeks ago I realized that try as I might I wasnt going to be able to cram all of my clothes into my ridiculously small closet. So I decided to retire some of my shirts to a drawer and weed through the rest of the clothes and see what I can give away.My goal was to get out everything that I hadnt worn in a year and to try it on and see if it 1. Still fit, 2. looked hip enough that I could be mistaken for a 19 year old who was still up on what was cool and 3. didnt look like I had been hanging onto it since I was in high school.

Has it really been that long since the 90's were in full swing and NKOTB were singing "Please Don't Go Girl", the slap bracelet, obscenely large scrunchies and triple colored socks were the height of fashion?
In that case I am in serious need of a wardrobe update...

I did find quite a few shirts from high school that I had been very reluctant to get rid of. Okay, and a pair of pants and two pairs of shorts. This isnt that far fetched because I am actually the same weight as I was in high school... I am not the toned soccer goddess I once was but either way I still fit into most of them.

Things that are not as cool today as they were in high school:
1. t shirts with my picture on them
2. pants and shorts that come up to my natural waist
3. shorts that are so short they show part of my ass
4. jean shorts with holes in the ass that show part of my ass (klassy)
5. belly shirts

So the next time the donation truck makes its way through my neighborhood some poor unsuspecting consumer will have their choice of the high school soccer team t shirt, a large purple scrunchie and a high waist pair of MUDD jeans with a hole in the knee.

I did hang onto the slap bracelet though. You never know when trends will come around again and I want to be ready for this one.


Emily said...

I hate to burst your coolness bubble, but I'm pretty sure that t-shirts with your picture on them were never cool. Not even back in the '90s. Sorry.

schwartz said...

In my defense it was a picture of our entire JV soccer team in 1995. The height of picture t shirt coolness.

Brittany said...

this is hilarious, i was actually just looking into getting some iron transfer paper so i could put my head on my i to late?

and for the record, i am keeping every single one of my soccer shirts, especially one of my favorite indoor jerseys that they let me put the number 007 on!

schwartz said...

Bananas - You are NEVER too late for iron transfer paper!

No freakin way, they let you put 007 on the jersey? G. Bananas G. (I had to put G since I dont know your maiden name!)