Monday, September 28, 2009

by the way, you're a dumbass

Monday has reared its ugly head at me once again.

Not only did I have an almost perfect night of sleep last night (except for the snoring) (and I don't snore. Jeff does.)
I still woke up tired.
Like I had slammed two tablespoons of NyQuil kind of tired.

It was an insanely busy weekend with the kids and I ended up the one who was more run down in the long run.

So I have been dragging ass most of the day.

Today seriously seems like the fuck sticks came out of the woodwork just to mess with me.
Stupid question after ridiculous remark after befuddled faces have antagonized me all damn day.

On the other hand it is less than two weeks until homecoming is OVER and I get to stop spending my days hounding people about midnight blue and gold colored table linens and chicken options for dinner and other petty bullshit that most people don't really give two shits about.

I also ran/walked a mile on Friday.
On purpose too.
I wasnt chasing the ice cream truck for an end of season treat nor was a large rabid beast hurling itself after me.
I ran lack of a better word.

I did give myself a wicked case of shin splints in the process...which are still hurting three days later.

After my shins end their torturous existance I will continue to run...for fun.

It seems that I have also lost my mind and started doing things I would never do.
Running is the first step my friends. I feel like I am headed down a slippery slope.
Pray for me.
Rub your rosary beads for me.
Throw some salt over your left shoulder for good measure.

I thank you for your good vibes.

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