Wednesday, September 16, 2009

welcome to fall. hand over your free time.

I blinked and an entire week was lost from my life.

I initially thought it was a drunken haze I was stuck in from my 28th birthday last Saturday.
I was wrong.
I just wasnt home much.

Lucky for me I was able to spend the entire week working away all of my free time.

I like to call this - football season.

I typically love football season.
Hot autumn weather...more tailgate catch my drift.
Its the bomb. (do people still say that?)

Once I signed my life away started working at the U I realized that any resemblance to a life I used to have was lost. Mostly in the fall.

I don't really want to say I hate the fall at my job...but it isn't as nice as a tub of ice cream all to yourself on a hot summer day.
Its more like licking an icicle in the middle of winter praying that your tongue doesn't get stuck to it because someone breached etiquette and skipped the double dog dare and went straight to the triple.

Exactly like that.

We work endless hours running events for people in town and out of town. We also are in charge of tailgates before home (and a lot of away) games.
Now I am not always complaining about this.
It was nice once.
I did get to go to a Michigan game last year for free.

To top it all off we are down two full time staff members AND one of our only remaining full timers is leaving for her maternity leave very soon.

So we are doing the majority of her work when she is off...probably sleeping in and eating bon bons all day watching Oprah.

So football season hasn't meant the same to me over the past two years.

Not to worry...that warm and fuzzy feeling always comes back to me.

After a few beers and a couple of hot dogs.

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