Wednesday, September 9, 2009

how do you wake up?


Slap the snooze button.



Ha ha, thank you Mr. Snooze button, I have 9 more minutes to close my eyes and pretend it's Saturday.

Two minutes pass.

Brady bellows from his crib...Na-Na! (his cute name for me since he cannot say Amanda yet)

I pull the pillow tighter over my head.
If I cannot hear him he isn't calling for me.


Only seven more minutes to sleep.
He can wait seven more minutes.

Na-Na! Poopies in there! Wet poopies in there!

Yeah. I am up. I am up.

I am questioning whether he is telling me his diaper is full or that the crib has poopies in it which means a diaper malfunction. Or maybe I am still dreaming and the crib itself has pooped.
Who the hell knows.

I stumble up the stairs and find that thankfully the crib has not pooped (imagine what that clean up would be like) and it turns out that the crib is clean.
I hate starting my day with disgusting laundry.

We just have a full diaper.

A full diaper first thing in the morning is always fun.

Especially when he tries to touch it.

By it I mean everything down there. His junk and the poopies.
Why not, right?

Ah, boys.

It makes it all worth it when he says Thank you Na-Na.

Two year olds...a gift from heaven.

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Ashley said...

I wake up every morning to the alarm going off and me thinking "I so don't want to get up and go to work!" It's like Groundhog Day: it just repeats itself each and every morning. Ugh.

Well, at least I'm not cleaning up poopie. I guess it could be worse. :-)